vaccination demand hub

everyone, everywhere should be protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Around the world, millions of people still miss out on the benefits of life-saving vaccines.

The Vaccination Demand Hub is a network of organizations innovating to understand why people miss out and improve acceptance, increase uptake and address misinformation related to vaccines across the globe.

Demand Generation is a key component of overall strategies to engage communities and increase uptake of services, particularly among under-immunized groups.

When parents, caregivers, communities and other critical in-country stakeholders trust and actively seek immunization, and when vaccination services meet the needs of its beneficiaries, uptake can be high. Effective demand generation interventions use tailored, evidence-informed, and data-driven strategies to maximize immunization uptake in prioritized populations.

The Vaccination Demand Hub regularly hosts events and trainings to highlight best-practices, innovation, and leadership of global vaccination efforts.

The Vaccination Demand Hub is a network of organizations

The Vaccination Demand Hub curates a knowledge base of resources from organizations and experts across many disciplines.


Recently established, the Demand Hub workstreams are designed to build, test and scale evidence-based tools in the following areas:

Support programmes and partners to boost the availability, quality and use of data to assess and address reasons for under-vaccination through the use of evidence-informed and globally standardized tools.

Advance understanding of what effective, evidence-based interventions and insights within vaccination science can increase demand for vaccination uptake.

Facilitate exchange of information, support research and dissemination of promising approaches to conducting social listening to inform prevention and mitigation efforts around vaccine misinformation.

Inform a new direction in people-centered quality immunization service delivery by incorporating human-centered design principles to re-orient immunization service delivery around caregiver and patient needs.